Rhinoplasty - is one of the most difficult sections of plastic surgery and consists in change of outside contours of nose by smoothing, removal or movement of the bones and cartilages forming its basis.

By means of rhinoplasty it is possible to reduce or increase the nose size, to change its form, and also to correct inborn defects and trouble breathing.

To whom rhinoplasty is shown

Rhinoplasty can be carried out both in esthetic, and in the medical and recovery purposes.

Special restrictions on this procedure are not present, however it is considered that it is undesirable to do rhinoplasty until process of forming of the person finally comes to the end (by 14 years at girls, a little later at boys).

Planning of your operation

At consultation stage the surgeon will estimate structure of your nose and will discuss with you possible options, will explain factors which can influence carrying out operation and on its net result. These factors include structure of nasal bones and cartilage, shape of face, skin thickness, and also age.

In the course of inspection series of the pictures necessary for operation scheduling, and also X-ray analysis of adnexal bosoms of nose will be made.
If before you had any operation or injury of nose if you have allergy or difficulties with breath, surely report about it. It is necessary to stipulate especially the questions connected with smoking, and also acceptance of medical drugs.
Within 2-3 days on the eve of operation it is necessary to accept medicines for strengthening of walls of blood vessels (Ascorutinum).
The surgeon has to make to you recommendations for preparation for surgery. If you will have any questions, surely discuss them.