Democratic Presidential Challengers Seek Momentum in New Hampshire Primary

02/11/2020 15:17 |

Democratic Presidential Challengers Seek Momentum in New Hampshire Primary

At a packed Whittemore Center Arena on the University of New Hampshire in Durham, the 78-year-old Vermont senator - who leads in most polls for Tuesday's race - referred to as for a political revolution and vowed that he would win the first-in-the-nation primary and change into the subsequent occupant of the White House.

"Following congratulating Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders for leading the area in Iowa", Mr Biden requested his viewers to reserve judgment regarding his prospects before the race goes into the ethnically varied countries of Nevada and SC.

The start of Democratic voting in the long primary season coincides with a rise in anxiety among that party's voters about the presidential election and an increase in confidence among Republicans.

After saying that he "feels good" about his campaign's work in New Hampshire, Biden replied that "we are just getting into the game here" when asked about the possibility of coming in fourth place again.

Elizabeth Warren used one of her most popular campaign surrogates, her gold retriever Bailey, to take a dig at Vice President Mike Pence.

Democrat presidential hopeful and Sen.

'And as someone who has been told to go back, I'm going to tell you, we're moving forward, ' the NY congresswoman said, making a hockey-rink full of people with Bernie Sanders posters scream.

He said: "The Democrat party wants to run your healthcare but they can't even run a caucus in Iowa".

Looming over the primary, Trump jetted to New Hampshire on Monday night aiming to steal the limelight with a large Manchester rally. If that doesn't happen, Democrats will confront the prospect of waning enthusiasm following weak turnout in Iowa last week and Trump's rising poll numbers.

Most polls close in New Hampshire at 7pm local time (00:00 GMT).

"What happened in 2016 after Bernie lost the nomination was a lot of his supporters claimed conspiracy and a lot of Bernie voters didn't turn out and vote for [former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton], and it's among the reasons why the election went the way it did", Gresham said.

"It would be a mistake for the media to try to count Joe Biden out before other folks in this party have had their chance to have their say in this race".

Discussing in The Rex, John Lynch, the former Democratic governor of New Hampshire, stated he had fulfilled many youthful Biden supporters.

The poll, conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, took place February 6-9 among a random sample of 365 likely Democratic primary voters, with a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 5.1 percentage points.

Klobuchar's remarks were made during an interview with CBS News's Ed O'Keefe on her campaign bus after an event in Keene, New Hampshire.

Two new polls of New Hampshire Democrats show Sen.

Mr Trump said: "We are going to win New Hampshire in a landslide". Polls in two cities opened at 6 a.m.; the opening times in other areas varied, with some as late as 11 a.m. Voters in many parts of the state would have until 7 cast votes; others would have until 8 p.m. Klobuchar's campaign, meanwhile, said she received $1m in donations on Friday night alone, with $2m more flowing in over the weekend.

Warren retooled her campaign message after a third-place finish in Iowa and urged her supporters to not "look backwards". The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

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