Health officials link measles outbreak to lack of vaccinations

03/14/2019 05:52 | 1

Health officials link measles outbreak to lack of vaccinations

On Monday the Canterbury District Health Board confirmed 25 cases, adding in a statement that it expected the numbers of measles expected to rise.

Measles is a serious, highly infectious, potentially life-threatening disease.

"If you're going somewhere where there is a current measles outbreak, such as the Philippines, we do recommend that you go get vaccinated", said Akins.

"Unimmunised people who come within two metres of an infectious person, however briefly, have a 90 per cent chance of contracting measles", the health board said. In Clark County, WA, at least 50 cases of measles - 47 of those were not vaccinated.

Those aged five to 28 make up the majority of the cases. That move followed congressional testimony from Ethan Lindenberger, a high school senior who described how his mother got anti-vaccine information nearly exclusively from Facebook. The disease is said to be very highly contagious and it is spread quite easily when a person infected with the same even sneezes or coughs, thus the risk of spreading is considerably high and people are advised to take the necessary care in order to keep them safe from the spread of the disease.

The four-year-old MMR can be brought forward to no sooner than four weeks after the previous MMR.

With Canterbury health centers running out of vaccines since the start of the outbreak in late February, 3,000 MMR vaccines have been brought by Sunday and 18,000 more are to be delivered to the region by Wednesday.

Given their higher risk, our focus over the short term is to provide MMR immunizations to those under 29 years who are not fully vaccinated.

Anyone who does not have immunity can get measles, but children are most vulnerable to the illness.

While on February 14, World Health Organization also warned that at least 922 children and young adults have died of measles in Madagascar since October, despite a huge emergency vaccination program. Calls made to general practices after hours will be answered by a nurse who will advise you what to do and where to go if you need to be seen. The county health director says the department has identified everyone in the small group the infected person has come in contact with recently and is interviewing them about possible symptoms.

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