IL bill proposes Trump showing tax returns to appear on 2020 ballot

04/15/2019 03:00 |

IL bill proposes Trump showing tax returns to appear on 2020 ballot

"If I make a lot of money, you make a lot of money, that is what I believe", Sanders added, defiant and plainly frustrated by the line of questioning. Sanders also narrowly beat Clinton in MI, but lost to her in Pennsylvania. "The thing that really keeps me close to Bernie is that he has been talking about these issues for 30, 40 years and I think people appreciate that".

Donald Trump will have to release five years of tax returns if he wants appear on the IL 2020 presidential ballot, the state's senate has ruled.

Sunday's rally wrapped up a weekend swing in which Sanders also held rallies in Wisconsin and MI. Then it's off to OH on Monday. Voters in all three states backed Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016, stunning Democrats who had seen them as part of a "blue wall" held together by urban African-American voters and traditionally liberal white working-class voters. Trump was due to campaign Monday in Minnesota, a state that nearly went his way in 2016 after not voting for a Republican presidential candidate since Richard Nixon in 1972. They captured governorships in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota a year ago.

The Sanders campaign said in a memo prepared in advance of the trip that the pathway to victory runs through the Midwest.

Sanders said conservatives and right-wing news outlets have "excitedly" re-published any and all reports critical of himself and other progressive candidates.

More numbers in Biden's favor come from a recent Morning Consult poll, which states he's the second choice of Bernie Sanders supporters, Kamala Harris supporters, and Beto O'Rourke supporters, suggesting the broad, if secondary appeal of the former vice-president. He won 71 of the state's 72 counties in 2016, defeating Clinton by 13 points.

Early polling in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania has shown Sanders ahead of other Democrats.

Read Sanders' full letter here via the Times.

Sanders delivered a message focused on fighting against unfair trade deals that undermine workers wages and enrich CEOs, rebuilding and strengthening unions and guaranteeing health care as a right to all with Medicare for All.

Sanders also proudly noted that his supporters had campaigned successfully to change the party's rules governing superdelegates at next year's Democratic National Convention "and maybe ending a system in which one candidate had 500 superdelegates before the first vote was cast".

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