Losing Kentucky GOP Governor Matt Bevin Formally Requests 'Recanvass' of Election Results

11/07/2019 04:00 |

Losing Kentucky GOP Governor Matt Bevin Formally Requests 'Recanvass' of Election Results

Is Scarborough drunk here?

I think he's high on schadenfreude.

But is it fair to gloat?

Governor Matt Bevin's campaign is requesting an official recanvass after the general election.

Matt Bevin - the governor with the lowest approval ratings in the country - isn't giving up. However, even with the governor's loss, the Kentucky Republican Party enjoyed a victorious night, now holding five of the six statewide offices. Daniel Cameron, a former aide to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.), became the first African American to win the attorney general's race and the first Republican to take the position in 70 years.

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky was celebrating Tuesday night, not because of its candidate's victory, but because of incumbent Republican Gov. Matt Bevin's apparent defeat.

"I don't see this as a catastrophic election night", she said.

The campaign noted that a recanvass has never led to a reversal of an election result in Kentucky.

The margin was around 5,000 votes. But Bevin's unpopularity does not explain the results in Virginia.

"It's pretty fantastic won Kentucky by 30 points and he had to go there last night to try to drag Matt Bevin across the finish line", Perez told Bloomberg Television. Citing that as evidence that Trump bears no blame for Bevin's defeat is complicated since of course rolling back O-Care is (or was) also part of Trump's and the GOP's national agenda.

The state's Libertarian Party is evidently relishing its role as spoiler, posting on Facebook, "Bevin supporters, your tears are delicious".

In key swing states Trump's overall polling is about the same as his opponents.

With Washington swept up in the impeachment saga, results in Kentucky, Mississippi and Virginia were closely watched for how the crisis is playing out with voters.

Meanwhile Virginia Democrats continued their winning streak under Trump on Tuesday and took full control of the statehouse for the first time in more than two decades.

Both of Virginia's USA senators are also Democrats, as is a majority of the state's House of Representatives delegation (thanks to 2018 victories).

Also on social media, GOP state Rep. Jason Nemes said: "Governor-elect Beshear is entitled to the democratic legitimacy that comes with loser's consent". But it's now deep blue.

"If Kentucky can send a small flare up that we're making the necessary turn, that's a hopeful sign that would have reverberations far beyond our state", he said.

Holmes isn't a liberal. Remember, Republicans lost the House in 2018 because suburban voters turned on Trump and the GOP - and Republicans haven't fixed that problem. That is a Trump problem, at least in part.

"And they will build it up", he said. "Because independent and moderate voters and Lincoln Republicans have been voting for Democrats".

The same shifts defined state legislative races across Virginia's suburbs, particularly in places like Henrico County just outside Richmond...

In 2015, Bevin won Campbell County south of Cincinnati handily.

If Beshear is declared the gubernatorial victor, he will be inaugurated at the state Capitol on December 10, leaving the window of opportunity open for Bevin to request a contest, which must be done within 30 days of the election.

According to ABC, Carson said just last week at a Pastor's Roundtable at the Midwest Church of Christ in Louisville, "I resonate so strongly with [Governor Bevin] because he really is focusing on people...he's looking at what actually works for the people and doing those things, concern about what's happening with the opioid crisis, what's happening with general healthcare for people, what's happening with education for our children...those are things that are incredibly important".

Yes, Democrats did win a US Senate seat in Alabama while Trump was president, a state that voted for him by an even larger margin than Kentucky did. Something to chew on ahead of next year. So what will the results mean for his mood and state of mind, as congressional investigators keep asking questions in their impeachment inquiry?

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