OJ Simpson set for imminent release from Nevada prison

10/02/2017 03:00 |

OJ Simpson set for imminent release from Nevada prison

He was sentenced to up to 33 years at the prison, which is located about 90 miles east of Reno.

The attorney general added a number of parole conditions including reporting to his parole officer in-person, wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet, drug and alcohol testing, and travel restrictions should he be allowed to reside in Florida.

Throughout the "trial of the century" Simpson was supported by his friend and lawyer Robert Kardashian, the father of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

Nevertheless, Simpson this time was convicted. In 1992, when Simpson was in divorce proceedings with Brown, his net worth was an estimated $10.8 million, the equivalent of $18 million in today's dollars. Simpson went on to set records in the National Football League and become immensely popular in the Brentwood, Los Angeles, social circle.

Before his arrest he was filmed live on television being pursued by police on a Californian freeway. He was acquitted in 1995. The problem is that, as a retiree, Simpson's lawyer Malcolm LaVergne says it may be hard for Simpson to be able to pay any of the settlement. The family renames the book "If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer".

- October 3, 2008: A jury finds Simpson and co-defendant Clarence "C.J". He was convicted in 2008 on armed robbery, kidnapping and other charges.

Simpson, 70, is due to be released from Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada next week.

Simpson departed the northwest Nevada prison wearing denim and white sneakers. Stewart takes a plea deal and is released. He wins parole on some convictions but is left with at least four more years to serve.

Simpson will become eligible for release on Sunday, but it is not yet clear when he will be freed. With Simpson being released, the battle should only heat up moving forward.

In June 1994, Simpson's 35-year-old ex-wife and Goldman were found stabbed to death outside her Los Angeles home.

Simpson is a native of California, born in San Francisco, and played his final years as a pro football player for that city's team, the 49ers.

Nevada state prisons spokeswoman Brooke Keast says Simpson was released at 12:08 a.m. from the Lovelock Correctional Center in northern Nevada.

Well, like it or not, O.J.'s getting out of prison. The couple attended introduction party for a new geometric puzzle invented in Hungary and being distributed here as "Rubik's Cube".

The juice is about to be loose again and the sunshine state has no intentions of welcoming him when he is released from prison.

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