People are killing themselves on this coronavirus COVID-19 'treatment'

03/26/2020 04:00 |

People are killing themselves on this coronavirus COVID-19 'treatment'

The drug has been used to treat malaria. The couple chose to pour some of it into their sodas and drank it. Within thirty minutes, the couple began to experience vomiting and dizziness, and rushed to the emergency room. The man died from cardiac arrest and his wife was initially listed in critical condition but is expected to make full recovery. They took it because they "were afraid of getting sick", she said. Several countries are treating coronavirus patients with a combination of anti-HIV drugs but that experiment has also not yielded desired results. However, the drug can be lethal in doses that exceed the doctor's guidance, and a couple from the Phoenix area subsequently self-medicated with a form of chloroquine used to clean aquariums, citing the President's information on the matter as the cause of their decision.

The World Health Organization recently announced that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine would be included in a set of global trials that aim to find an effective treatment for Covid-19.

U.S. citizens' panic over the coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 has already claimed its first victims, an Arizona man died after taking a product similar to those mentioned by President Donald Trump to cure the disease.

Last week Mr Trump said chloroquine "may work, may not work" but that he "felt good" about it and the USA government has ordered "millions of units" of the drug.

The couple, both in their 60s, listened to President Donald Trump tout chloroquine, a decades-old antimalarial drug, as a very promising treatment for COVID-19 in a recent press conference.

Obviously, Trump is not a scientist or medical professional, and yet he has been promoting the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine during the White House daily coronavirus workforce briefings and on Twitter, even when asked that they be "put to use IMMEDIATELY" March 21.

This death follows two people in Lagos, Nigeria being hospitalized with chloroquine poisoning after Trump praised the drug.

Last week, President Trump declared chloroquine a "game changer" in the effort to develop a coronavirus treatment and announced the drug had been "approved".

A 68-year-old man died and his wife, 61, became critically ill after they took chloroquine phosphate in the hope that it would prevent them becoming infected with Covid-19.

The World Health Organization has not approved the use of chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus patients either.

NY state, now the USA epicenter of the pandemic with more than 30,000 cases and nearly 200 deaths, began such a trial on Tuesday.

He said that while it was being examined, it was not yet at the stage of a clinical trial and there was no guarantee it was effective.

Health care providers have been urged to not prescribe the medicine to patients who have not been hospitalised.

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