Richard Neal slams Trump budget's proposed Medicare cuts

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Richard Neal slams Trump budget's proposed Medicare cuts

Vought added, "We're also finding waste, fraud, and abuse".

Perhaps Sanders and Warren believe that reimbursement cuts would force providers to reduce service: Pay doctors less, and you'll get less from them.

Defending the plan, he said: "This budget contains almost $2.7 trillion in savings, more spending reductions proposed than any administration in history".

Irrespective of what happened earlier, the President said that his new budget plan is a top-priority for 2020 re-election.

When he first ran for president, Donald Trump blasted the Obama administration for hurting senior citizens by slashing billions from Medicare.

He cast the proposed cut as the president's attempt "to balance his books" after giving more than $2 trillion in tax cuts to major corporations and wealthy Americans.

The budget is sure to go nowhere in Congress, as Democrats control the House and the document includes politically toxic ideas in cutting Medicare, a largely popular program among its users. "Medicare spending will go up every single year by healthy margins, and there are no structural changes for Medicare beneficiaries".

"Hospitals are less and less able to cover the cost of care for Medicare patients", FAH president and CEO Chip Kahn said in a statement.

However, the budget is unlikely to affect public spending levels, which are controlled by Congress.

Tricia Neuman of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation said the Medicare reductions in this year's budget are larger than what Trump proposed last year.

The administration proposes uniform work requirements for Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps), and certain housing programs. The plan that drew the most heat was the president's desire to replace the current open-ended federal commitment to Medicaid with a lump sum of federal money for each state in the form of a block grant, a measure that would essentially cap payments and would not keep pace with rising health care costs. This would represent 57 per cent of the proposed federal discretionary budget.

Given that Congress shut down the president's previous request of $5.7 billion for the border wall, this new request of $8.7 billion is such a long shot that it's ridiculous for Trump to even ask unless he's potentially looking for another shutdown. "I call on our representatives in the federal government, as well as my Democratic and Republican colleagues in the State, to stand in opposition to this pernicious budget plan and demand appropriate funding for education".

It will cause a knock-down, drag-out fight between Democrats and the White House, with no compromise on the horizon, they said.

The White House may have named its budget proposal "A Budget for a Better America: Promises Kept".

These reductions are not that cut and simple, but it boils down to Trump once again breaking promises, which will have a devastating impact on the quality of life in the nation, particularly for those who depend on a strong social safety net.

Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, tweeted: "One party wants to expand Medicare and Medicaid and the other wants to cut them. And now it's the Democrats' plan versus the Republican plan to cut Medicare".

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