Roll up your sleeve, it's flu shot season

09/30/2017 03:47 |

Roll up your sleeve, it's flu shot season

10/26/17 at 12-4Pm in High Plains Community Center.

As a freshman, this will be the first year she will be without her parents to take her in for a vaccine, but she wants to still get the shot.

The World Health Organization is recommending vaccination for four flu strains in the northern hemisphere this season. William Schaffner, medical director of NFID and professor of Preventive Medicine and Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Corby's Global Positioning System are urging at-risk patients to have the flu vaccine in September and October to get protected in time for the winter. While the stomach flu is the result of an inflamed or irritated stomach and intestines, influenza symptoms include fever, congestion, muscle aches and fatigue, and the cause is always a virus.

What are the benefits of flu vaccination? . Talk to your physician when you arrive about your options to help you stay relaxed while getting the vaccine, and consider telling them what behaviors make you anxious.

Dr. Tom Price, secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said at a news conference today (Sept. 28) that if last year's total of immunized Americans had been 5 percent higher, another 490,000 illnesses and 7,000 hospitalizations could've been avoided, according to CDC estimates, Price said.

The sick pigs were first identified at a Charles County Fair on September 20, and the virus was later detected at Anne Arundel and Frederick county fairs.

"The Australian Government strongly encourages the approximately 2.5 million eligible Australians, who do not now have the vaccine, to be vaccinated", he said. "They feel this year it's a good match", says Carol Bess, infection prevention coordinator at Bellin Health.

During the 2016-17 season, the CDC reported 140 pediatric flu deaths.

"The Australian Government has been carefully monitoring vaccine effectiveness for seasonal influenza vaccines and is committed to exploring enhanced vaccination program arrangements through the NIP, including the use of advanced vaccines for those aged 65 years and over into the future".

In his remarks at the annual flu awareness event, Price noted that vaccination coverage has plateaued, and that fewer than half of the USA population was vaccinated last season.

However, African-American and Hispanic adults had lower vaccination rates than non-Hispanic whites. Flu season tends to peak around January, but there's no way to know when it will start spreading widely.

Unfortunately, kids who thought they had a way out of getting shots this flu season aren't so lucky.

Of all the factors examined, only a positive mood seemed to change how effective a flu shot is, according to MotherNatureNetwork.

"Whether it be somebody with a newborn baby or an elderly grandparents or somebody at church that has immunosuppression maybe from cancer or something like that, so you do, you know, not only just to protect yourself but to protect everyone around you", said Robinson.

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