What's Behind Klobuchar's Rise in New Hampshire?

02/13/2020 04:00 |

What's Behind Klobuchar's Rise in New Hampshire?

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has won the New Hampshire primary a week after he won the popular vote in Iowa.

But a Vox.com article published earlier in the day seemed prescient in hindsight. In 2016, Sanders and Hillary Clinton split the delegate amount, with no other candidate receiving a single state delegate.

"In recent debates, Klobuchar has tried to paint herself as more experienced than the 38-year-old Buttigieg yet still a more youthful, energetic alternative to the former vice president", Vox notes.

The spot was released on Biden's Twitter page Wednesday, as Democratic mega-donors reportedly were panicking about whether to cut bait with Biden after he bolted New Hampshire before the polls even closed, and was in SC as the awful results came in. "We're going to Nevada, we're going to SC". Amy Klobuchar and weak performances of former Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Sen.

The race moves on to Nevada and SC later this month, where a more diverse electorate could shake things up. The MSNBC host spent her morning asking New Hampshire residents who they voted for and why. "You can not and should not win the Democratic nomination for president without the support of black and brown voters". Amid slowly increasing visibility she raised $11.4 million in the fourth quarter - more than twice her third quarter haul but less than half of what rival former South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg took in.

A New Hampshire bounce may not help Klobuchar in SC, where she has done little campaigning and is not well known, said Bakari Sellers, a political analyst in that state.

Many voters said they were still struggling to make up their minds right up to the moment they filled out the ballot.

New Hampshire was supposed to provide stage-clearing results in the first Democratic primary after the stunning debacle of the Iowa caucuses last week.

Speaking to supporters, Sanders cited his strong performance in Iowa and set his sights on upcoming primaries.

"We're in a battle for the soul of this nation", Biden says as a string of images appear of the Democratic candidate pressing the flesh at a series of campaign stops. Sanders and Buttigieg won nine delegates each and Klobuchar six.

"Listen, he's doing this rope a-dope strategy, 'I'm just going to get pounded in Iowa, I'm going to get pounded in New Hampshire and I'm going to come back based on black people kind of lifting me over this sort of ... all these deficits, '" Jones said. "We're just getting started".

"We have a tremendous opportunity to take the next great step forward".

A woman who voted for the first time Tuesday said she followed her mother's advice by picking Klobuchar.

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