Wildfire Smoke Renders SF Air 'Unhealthy' Through The Weekend

10/13/2017 03:00 | 1

Wildfire Smoke Renders SF Air 'Unhealthy' Through The Weekend

As California's wine country burns, smoke from the wildfires have blanketed the Bay Area, drowning out the sun and taking the air quality down to unhealthy levels.

Continuing wind and wildfires today may cause residents to experience trouble breathing, coughing, headaches and chest pain.

The North Bay wildfires are causing "unprecedented levels" of air pollution throughout the Bay Area, air quality officials said yesterday (Oct. 10).

Officials warn that very fine smoke particles, a fraction of the size of a human hair, can lodge in the lungs and, particularly in some vulnerable populations, do damage.

"Air quality is already worsening this afternoon throughout the Bay Area as winds have shifted from westerly to northerly", Daniel Alrick, a meteorologist for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, told Business Insider on Wednesday afternoon. They won't protect your lungs from smoke. Other suggestions include staying indoors with windows and doors closed as much as possible and shutting off fans that bring smokey outdoor air inside. Children, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, emphysema and heart disease are most impacted.

"We are proud to team up with all of the Bay Area professional sports teams to support North Bay disaster relief efforts."
You can look up your zip code here, and find a 5-day forecast here.

The Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) will also perform wellness checks throughout San Francisco and providing transportation (upon request) to shelters. Children are at a greater risk from exposure to air pollution than adults. At the Markus Supply Ace Hardware store in Oakland, N95 masks are flying off the shelves.

Call your doctor if you have particular concerns about your own health or that of a family member.

The issues with air quality are expected to extend into the weekend, a problem that's spurred the cancellation of the Virgin Sport "Festival of Fitness" planned for SF this weekend, event organizers say on their website.

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